Family photography captures special moments you share with your loved ones. The portraits capture treasured memories for hanging on your wall.

Whether you’re into photography for leisure or you’ve just started an event or a portraiture business, shooting family photos will be a norm.

Whichever is the case, reflect your family members or group portrait in good light. Family portrait also include newborn photography.


Family members are generally inexperienced models posing in front of your CAMERA. Therefore, it’s essential to make every member at ease and comfy.

Whereas your family provides the tone, mood, and action for photography, you’re in control of the entire process. Direct your family’s expression and poses for great postures.

The information also helps you prepare and plan for the photo shoot with your family’s style, poses, and location in mind as a starting point.

Expect captured images to be a specific imagery style with fresh, fun memory packed with emotions. Join group activities to shoot the exact images your subjects need.

Include the high quality family portraits in your photography portfolio. Apart from capturing your favorite family moments, family portraits also:

  • Make excellent gift ideas
  • Act as memorabilia
  • Help kids develop high self-esteem
  • Comfort and heal in hard times
  • Bring your family together
  • Make great artwork

Top 5 Tips to Great Family Photography

  1. Capture images outdoors

Outdoor photography opens doors to your creativity.

The lighting outdoors ensure that you capture well-lit images of your entire family or client’s. It’s also a great photo element to feature on your portrait frame.

Take advantage of the outdoors to showcase your creative side. Let kids jump, climb trees or run around for great postures.

  • Add watermarks to family images and prevent identity theft

If you intend to share the family photos online or on social media, make sure they’re water-marked to prevent identity theft.

A Lifelock family plan ensures that you have entrusted the security of your entire family’s identity with the right professionals. The identity theft solutions ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to your family photos without your express consent.

  • Let the kids and adults play together

Blow bubbles or tickle-fest when shooting photos of families with kids. Allow the kids and other family members to get the young ones to show their dance moves for fun photo sessions.

Crack jokes to get older kids to smile or laugh.

If necessary, include basic photo props and allow the children to play. Focus your shots around the activity to capture candid, memorable moments.

However, you can also set up the shots to help your family members into a chosen pose. Continue clicking to get clear, candid photos during the entire session.

For a large group with a huge age gap, pick an activity your family can easily come together to do. Play around with it to come up with a mix of posed and lifestyle photos.

Make sure parents are in charge to initiate the activities. They can play with kids’ favorite toys, read books to them, watch their favorite shows together, etc.

It’s okay to miss the right shot on the first attempt. Ask adults in the group to repeat the activity as you take a series of shots for the best picks.

  • Keep your family moving to capture special moments

Let the group play games to keep them moving. For instance, the parents can run after the kids, a trick that works for groups made up of all ages.

However, fast movement can easily impair perfect shots. Therefore, adjust your shutter speed and capture several shots to allow for selection of only the best images.

You’ll love the photos you’ll pick from the series you take. Such images are priceless. To fight boredom and bring out fabulous emotions in images captured, let the young ones run to dad or mom.

If you want to capture the face of the kids, position yourself behind the parent. Alternatively, stand behind the kids to capture the loving expression of parents.

Keep your family moving to capture great shots; this can work in many ways.

  • Capture shots with the family pet in view

Celebrate the connection and bond between the family and its furry members. Let your clients or family bring their pets for a photoshoot. Buy treats to keep them entertained for a perfect blend into the family photo.