Different kinds of photography

Photography 101

There is no way a photographer can be a jack of all trades. You should perfect your skill in a specific area. That is what entails the different types of photography that exist in the professional photography field.

  1. Fashion photography

When you want to showcase the new trends in shoes, clothing, and jewelry, then this is better done in images. That is what entails fashion photography.

  1. Photojournalism

The stories from the media house need images to illustrate their point and act as a focal point to read a story. The true-to-life pictures to prove a point for an account is called photojournalism.

  1. Portrait photography

Portrait photography is when you only focus on a stationary object without a keen interest in the background.

  1. Still life photography

Any image that displays inanimate objects, whether natural or human-made, is categorized as in this type of photography.

  1. Sports photography

The movement in the sports field captured in a camera are classified in this kind of photography.

It can be while in action or when in a stationary position as long as it captures the event as it happens in the field, then this is sports photography.