It takes more than one hour at the gym or one meal to be fit. Once you embark on a fitness journey, whether you need to lose or gain weight, you will need constant motivation. Your fitness journey will be successful if you are consistent. What better way to motivate yourself than by taking photos at every stage of your journey?

When you step on the scale and the number that glares at you doesn’t motivate you, do not worry. The number does not lie, but it doesn’t tell the whole truth either; you might have lost fat, retained water, or even gained muscles. Photos, just like the scale, might not show any change within a few weeks or even a few months, but ultimately, you will see the difference.

Be Patient

Looking at your reflection every day it is hard to notice any changes. A better way to see your progress is to take photos. When you compare your “before” and “after” photos, you will see the change. 

Below are simple tips to get the best fitness journey photos:

Take Photos That Bring Out Your Shape

You will need to see the changes to compare them. It is not possible to see the changes if you are always wearing baggy shirts or bulky coats in every photo. Choose form-fitting articles for every photo, making sure that your belly area is visible. The first photo might not be Insta-worthy, but that is precisely why you need to embark on a fitness journey.

Match Clothes in All Photos

It is not easy to notice what changes using effective ingredients are doing to your body if you have different clothes in every photo. You can have the same outfit reserved for every photo, or you can wear similar outfits. If you are on a tight-fitting t-shirt in the first photo, be on a tight-fitting t-shirt in every other photo.

Again, you might want to avoid posing in underwear because if you are proud of your progress, you may want to show off to others.

Use a Plain Background

You should dominate the photo. This means no distractions in the background in the form of patterns, bright colors, clutter, or anything else that steals attention. Take your photos from the same spot.

To get a good view of the progress, take a full-body photo at eye level. Avoid mirror selfies, because they may not give you a clear view of the progress. If you cannot use the timer function on your phone or camera, ask someone to take a photo of you. Stand straight, avoid Instagram-poses, and be at the center of the frame.

Shoot From Different Angles in Natural Light

With consistency, your body changes fast. The best way to witness the change is to take photos from three angles; the front, back, and side. Take photos from the same side for consistency or results.

Ensure your photos have enough lighting. Instead of lighting the room, take the photos in natural lighting during the day. This is desirable as you minimize the shadows formed. If you cannot use natural light, ensure the room is well-lit.

Take Photos Monthly

When taking fitness journey photos, your posture should be the same in all photos. Stand straight with your arms relaxed at your side and your shoulders back.

You cannot notice any change after a week. However, after one month, you can see the changes, even though sometimes they are slight changes. Take the photos on the same date of every month.

It is important to take your time and get the photos right. If your budget allows, hire a professional photographer. When the photos are clear and well-captured, you will see the progress, and that will motivate you.

Is Instagram the Best Place to Document the Photos?

You can create a paper photo album at home or keep your photos digitally, or both. If you love scrapbooking, documenting your journey in a scrapbook sounds like a great idea.

You can also save the photos on your computer or phone but ensure you have a backup. Today, most people create an Instagram account and add photos every month. The account will be there for a long time, and you can access the photos anytime, anywhere. Note that the fitness journey never ends. After you attain your dream physique, the journey continues to maintain that physique.

Put in the Work and Appreciate Minor Transformations

It is good to love your body the way it is even before you start the fitness journey. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, sometimes the results might not be what you intended. However, being fit and healthy does not mean being lean and muscular. At times, you might feel the change but not see it.

Even as you document your physical transformations, you need to feel how your body changes over the journey. As long as you consistently eat healthily and work out, you will be fit and healthy a few months after you start the journey.