Photography is an art that excites almost all human beings. Imagine getting into your nearest Cafe’ to have some coffee but before that, you remember a friend of yours had shown you a nice photo of coffee he and his friends took. Though you have your camera stacked in your backpack, you are not sure if it will make a timely capture like that you saw. If you are in such a position, the following techniques will give you just what you want; something that you would share with your friends every time, and above all, have it drooped in your sitting room so that your visitors can always see it and ask “hey, buddy, are you the one who took that superb photo?” What if | show you how to achieve that? Hope that would excite you!

Have your beautiful coffee ordered

The first thing to do even before you get your Nikon 26 of your bag is to ensure you order a nice coffee in a beautiful glass. Be sure that no one likes ugly looking food but everyone likes nice looking drink. Always beware that the more interesting your subject matter is, the more interesting your photo will be. So, having a pretty delicious coffee in the morning ready on your well-organized table will make a good fit.Identify the direction of natural light

Since the natural light comes from outside, you will need to position yourself next to a window to enable your camera’s aperture to absorb more natural light. Remember, this is the most important technique for a nice coffee photo. If you ignore it, you are doomed. Knowing that the natural light is the most stunningly beautiful light at your disposal, you will need to shoot in its direction.


As has been said, the best time to have any stunning photos in a café’ is during morning hours. However, sometimes you can also achieve that during late afternoon hours. During the day you will have to deal with very harsh natural light which will spoil your would-have-otherwise been a nice photo. Remember, the amount of natural light entering the aperture creates the mood of your photo. Time wisely.

Get some props

Getting appropriate props will make you have a good theme. With props, you can create a fake emotion in your photo’ making it look cool and happy, when you were worried and sad. You can also ask a friend to act as a prop by letting sit near the coffee and place his hand over it. This is most applicable in still photos. Only use the relevant props.

Ensure the props are perfectly organized

If some of props are out of frame, ensure you fit them well to appear in the frame. Sometimes you may need to their position to achieve the best image.

Shoot from different angles

Don’t just shoot from one angle. Your photo will be boring. Change positions as you strive for a perfect capture. | recommend a 45-degree angle but you may need to change if you don’t achieve the best.
Remember you may need to do this severally. So, do not tire.

Apply some physics

By saying physics, I mean you use a high focal length of up to 50mm or slightly more. This is because a high focal length will give your subject matter (coffee) more focus while compressing the unwanted background. With the above techniques, you will have a stunning coffee photo. However, remember that good editing is necessary. I recommend Lightroom to help you achieve the best in your editing for morning coffee newsletter.