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Pictures speak volumes. You don’t have to document everything in the text, but graphics will do wonders for you.

Some of the memorable moments are better documented in images and pictures. The art of capturing images to have a human or an animal shot or a landscape requires the right skills and knowledge.

The camera you use is also of importance to dictate the settings and the quality of the images.

Our role is to give you tips and skills, whether as a novice or expert to have the best shots as a photographer.

We are focusing on providing the necessary guides to improve and sharpen your photography skills.

Emma is a professional photographer with a passion for a food photographer. Her culinary skills needed to be documented as a caterer, especially when she had to advertise for her foods for sale.

As an online entrepreneur, she realized that the right images were her marketing tools, and she had to do it right- that was how this blog was developed.

She realized there was little information about food photography that could help her get the straight shots to entice her customers. She didn’t want any upcoming photographer to go through the same. She realized she also loved photography as an art.

Our Statement


Art is powerful. We are here to educate photographers on the tools and skills they need to get the right shot either for stationary objects or for moving ones.

We hold your hand to build your photography business to a point you enjoy being a brand.


We want to have documented evidence in the form of images to communicate to the right audience.

 In a decade, we want to have powerful photos on our social media platforms as marketing tools.

Also, we want to move novices in photography to professional levels.

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